St Monica's Catholic Church
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The History of St Monica's

St. Monica's Parish was founded in 1965 to serve the Catholics of Stockton Heath, a Warrington suburb south of the Manchester Ship Canal. Previously, they worshipped at Our Lady's in Latchford, although between 1958 and 1965, Priests from that Church celebrated Mass in Stockton Heath Conservative Hall. Interestingly, the concept of a separate Parish was raised in 1938 and plans were made to buy land in Stockton Heath, but World War Two intervened.

Initially, St. Monica's Church was a Community Hall with an Altar on the north wall, which could be closed off with sliding doors to allow social events. In 1991, the new parish Priest, Fr. George Browne totally reorganised and refurbished the hall by moving the Altar to a central position on the main west wall and adding modern religious furnishings. Today, although still technically a temporary building even after nearly forty years, St. Monica's has a pleasant peaceful church environment.

The Parish has a well regarded Primary School and many of the pupils are regular attendees at Mass. The School is also a major supporter of Parish based events.

Organisationally, the parish belongs to the Diocese of Shrewsbury and is locally within the Deanery of St. Thomas Moore's, which links the Parishes of Frodsham, Runcorn and those in Warrington that are south of the River Mersey.

The Parish catchment area covers the most prosperous and fast growing areas of South Warrington plus some pretty Cheshire Villages. Since 1965, the nominal Catholic population has more than doubled its original eight hundred people, whilst the current active membership is six hundred. Four Masses are offered each weekend and on the great liturgical occasions, latecomers have to stand.