Parish Directory.

 Group                    Activity

Altar Servers            Boys and girls who have received their First Holy                                                                                                                                                                                   

                                        Communion are welcome to serve.





 Association for          The group collects for the missions via the “red boxes”

The Propagation        principally retained in parishioners homes. New homes

Of the Faith                 for a “red box” and promoters, to empty a few twice a year

    ( APF)                      are always welcome.


                                         Contact Ted Leather   01925 263798.



Bridgewater                All the local Christian congregations combine happily

Churches                       through the forum of the Bridgewater Churches Together.

Together                       Each year, joint services are held at Pentecost & in Christian

                                         Unity Week. The latter involves pulpit exchanges.

                                         Members gather together for Lenten study & public Christian

                                         witness at Christmas, Good Friday & for the traditional Walking

                                         Day procession through Stockton Heath .Each church is willing to

                                         publicise each other’s pastoral & social events.


                                         Contact Des Appleton   01925 486261.



Catenians                This is a lay organisation of practising catholic laymen who are at        

                                        least  21 years of age, business & professional encouraging members         

                                        to meet socially, to share where possible (with justice to others )

                                        their business interests & to provide help & support to needy

                                        members & their families.




Catholic                   The supporters of the Rescue Society, as it was previously known,

Children’s               use boxes in the homes of parishioners in particular to raise funds for

Society                     the work of this national sponsored organisation .New homes for                    

                                        new boxes are always welcome.


                                       Contact  Paul & Marie Flanagan  01925 861723.




Children’s               Children’s liturgy takes place during 10:15 mass every Sunday

Liturgy                    except the 1st, Sunday of each month when children take part in a

Group.                     family mass. It is aimed mainly at children 4-8 years old but age

                                        limit is not intended to be exclusive. The link catechist for the                        

                                        parish is Suz Collins (01925 262346 ). Anyone willing to help

                                        would be greatly appreciated. Please see any of the team at the

                                        Sunday 10:15 Mass or


                                        Contact Suz Collins   01925 262346.




Church Cleaning.       The church is kept spotlessly clean thanks to the efforts of a

                                          small group of dedicated volunteers .

                                          Additional help is always welcome & is on a rota basis.


                                          Contact Mary Rollings   01925 602313.



Church Linen.           Another small group of dedicated parishioners maintains the

                                          church’s linen requirements .If you would like to know more

                                          about their activities or would like to help please get in touch.


                                          Contact Maureen Burke   01925 263598.



Development             The members of this group are responsible for organising events

Group.                            within the parish & co-ordinating some of the key activities .


                                          Contact Dave Jack   01925 860728.



Duke of                      The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme organises a number of 

Edinburgh                activities for the younger members of the parish and meets 

                                          regularly in the resource room .





Faith Group             Members hope to strengthen the impact of faith on their everyday

                                         lives by prayerful study & discussions of scripture, church

                                         tradition & teaching. Talks by outside speakers on current

                                         Christian issues are also organised. Meetings (with refreshments)

                                         are advertised on the notice board & everybody is most welcome.


                                        Contact Des Appleton   01925 486261.



Rite of Christian      A group, led by Canon George, meets to help those who wish to

Initiation of             learn more about the catholic faith from which some may wish to

Adults (RCIA)         join into full communion with the community.


                                        Contact Canon George Browne at the Presbytery   01925  264695.



Flower Group         The much admired church floral displays are arranged by the

committed & enthusiastic members of the group, working as

individuals each weekend or as a team for special occasions.

New members, experienced or otherwise, are always welcome

to expand the diversity of arrangement styles.


Contact Joan Appleton   01925 486261.



Gift Aid                 All tax-paying parishioners are encouraged to apply for gift aid

                                      tax relief on their weekly offertory. This enables the church to

                                      increase the value of the collections by reclaiming tax on their

                                      value. If you are a tax payer & wish to participate.


                                      Please Contact John McMahon    01925 262555.



Justice and           The Justice & Peace group meets approximately once a month, in

Peace Group            the resource room, & aims to inform the group & others of the

                                     justice and peace issues within both the local community & the

                                     wider world. They try to achieve this in a variety of ways from

                                     organising liturgies, speakers & fair trade stalls to collecting

                                     christmas gifts for the homeless of Warrington. Anyone is most  

                                     welcome to come to the meetings or to bring any issue up they think

                                     could be supported.


                                     Contact Mary Glennon   01925 261934.



 Liturgy and            This group has taken on the role of looking at & providing material

Youth Group          for the various liturgies that take place during the year including a  

                                      regular youth mass, a monthly Family Mass, advent services &           

                                      lenten meditations . We welcome support & ideas from anyone

                                      interested . Meetings are held in the resource room with dates

                                      announced in the weekly bulletin. For more information .


                                      Contact Suz Collins   01925 262346.



Music                   The parish has a number of committed enthusiasts who are spreading

                                    their musical influences through a range of parish activities. Contacts

                                    for the individual masses are:

                                    6:00pm   Saturday         Sue Ankara      01925  602569.

                                   10:15am  Sunday        Clare Wadsworth       01925  261255.



Rainbow               The group meets in St Monica’s Primary School, normally on

Guides                  Wednesday but nights can change. There is a waiting list but

                              interested parents should get in touch.





Guides                  1st, Appleton (St Monica’s) Group meets on Tuesdays at St Monica’s

                                    Primary  School .





Readers                A rota of parishioners is organised for each of the Sunday masses.

                                   Volunteers are called upon to read every four or five weeks.  

                                   guidance is given for new members. Younger readers at the Sunday   

                                   10:15am Mass are organised by Suz Collins. Potential volunteers are

                                    asked to 


                                   Contact   Kath Carey   01925 267633.




200 Club             The parish has a monthly draw to raise funds which are shared

                                   between the parish & St Monica’s Primary School, new members are

                                   always welcome.


                                   Contact Kathryn Jackson   01925 602983.



Saint Vincent      The group meets in St Monica’s presbytery on the second and fourth

De Paul               Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm, members visit the elderly & the         

Society (SVP)       sick of the parish at their homes or in hospital. The group organises

                                   regular masses for the sick & housebound .They contribute to SVP     

                                   work for the poor of the world as well as the UK.


                                  Contact Brenda Jack   01925 860728.



Welcomers          The parish have Welcomers at each of the four weekend masses.

                                  Each mass has its own co-ordinator (see below) additional

                                  volunteers to supplement the rota would be welcomed. Please

                                  contact the mass leader if you would be willing to participate.

                                  6:00pm   Saturday       Julie Redmond      01925 262407.  

                                  8:30am   Sunday         Henry Koltan

                                  10:15am Sunday         Christine Nolan    01925 262807.



 Book club          The parish have a book club that meets on the 1st, Monday of

                                  each month in the parish resource room at 1:30pm new members

                                  are most welcome.





Local                  Following the meeting with the Bishop, the parishes of the diocese  

Pastoral              have now been grouped into 26 local pastoral areas. St Monica’s,

Areas Teams       St Winefride’s, Our Lady’s & St Augustine’s are in the North

(LPA)                      Cheshire Area LPA13, the two representatives for St Monica’s

                                   are Canon George Browne & Patrick Nolan the purpose of the

                                   LPA is a greater sharing of resources & the drawing on neighbouring

                                   communities into closer working relationships.


                                   Contact Henry Koltan





                                  Should anyone wish to know more about any of the above please contact Canon George Browne 01925 264695.